The only time you'll find us pushing Cocaine

We discovered Tyler Mahan Coe’s podcast Cocaine and Rhinestones earlier this year when we opened up for his dad (David Allan Coe). The New Yorker says it’s “an addictive, sparkling podcast About Country Music” and we have to agree. The podcast seemed relatively unknown when we started listening, but as evidenced by the referenced The New Yorker praise, it’s since pretty much become a hit. If you’re haven’t tried it, give it a go. Tyler’s voice took us some getting used to (can’t put our finger on why exactly, he just sounded…different than we imagined) but we were hooked in short order.

We are also completely in love with Mike Judge’s Tales From the Tour Bus — but it’s harder to access. If you have Cinemax, go watch it immediately. If not, find someone who does and won’t mind you parking your butt on their couch for a while.

Gina DalmasComment