Gina & The Cow Tippin' Playboys are no more!

By Any Other Name: Gina Dalmas and The Cow Tippin’ Playboys to Become The Heart Stompers

Norfolk, VA Sept 18, 2018:  Norfolk band Gina Dalmas and The Cow Tippin’ Playboys announced this week that the band is officially changing its name to The Heart Stompers.  The band explained the name change reflects their evolution as a collective group as opposed to a solo artist plus band.  Gina Dalmas explained, “We’re a team, we all work together, and we want the name to reflect our collaborative effort. Plus, the old name was a bit wordy and sometimes hard to remember,” she added.  “People come up and tell us they love our band name… but then they can’t quite remember what it is,” she laughed.  “They’d get my name right, but then continue with The Cow Catching Cowboys, or The Cowboy Tippers, or ‘something about tipping cows’.  We love the old name but hope folks will love the new name just as much.”

The band will be playing the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Festival (with Jason “Hoss” Hicks) in Bristol, TN later this weekend, September 21-23 and the Virginia Beach Neptune Fest September 28.

 The Heart Stompers (formerly Gina Dalmas and The Cow Tippin’ Playboys) are an alt-country Americana band from Norfolk, VA.  The group won the 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and the 2012 Veer Magazine Award for Best Country Artist, the 2009 Portfolio Music Award for Best Americana Music and the 2009 Meona Award for Best New Alt-Country Artist. Gina Dalmas and her Cow Tippin' Playboys reach deep into the roots of country music but end up making magic of their own.  In a world of knock-off country bands aiming for that new radio sound, this band manages to keep country music like it should be, honest, straight forward, and from the heart.


Gina Dalmas