Daily Press Article: “Country band goes from tippin' cows to stompin' hearts”

Below is an excerpt from 2/14/19 article from the Newport News, VA paper The Daily Press:

The idea of a name change had been in play for a long time.

In 2015, Gina Dalmas and the Cow Tippin’ Playboys almost re-branded themselves as Trailer Swift. They ended up keeping their name and using that as an album title.

But in September, it happened. The Cow Tippin’ Playboys, one of the region’s most popular country bands, became the Heart Stompers.

“We didn’t want — and I didn’t want — that focus to be so much on me,” Dalmas said. “It’s a group effort. I’m not the only one who sings, or the only one who writes songs. Plus, it’s a really long name and it didn’t always fit on marquees easily.”

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Photo by Robin Gustin

Photo by Robin Gustin

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